Lifting to the top of the Motherland Monument in Kiev, Ukraine

Родина мать, Киев

There are some special symbolic sights with marvelous panoramic views in most of the cities: Statue of Liberty in New York, Christ Statue in Rio-de-Janeiro, Television Tower in Berlin. You can find such a building in Kiev. It is Motherland Monument.

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Secrets of the underground in Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa, catacombs

Odessa is famous not only for Derebasivska Street, Sea port or Potemkinska Stairs, but also for its catacombs – system of underground ways or coridors, which are connected between each other. Read more >> “Secrets of the underground in Odessa, Ukraine”

Tourist Carpathian narrow-gauge panoramic tram, Ukraine

Carpathian narrow-gauge tramway

A tourist Carpathian narrow-gauge panoramic tram is situated in Vyhoda, Dolynskyi district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine, Europe.
Narrow-gauge tram was built by Austrian baron Leopold von Popper during the reign of Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
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