Kosyno – the most popular thermal baths complex in the country | Ukraine, Zakarpattya region

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

This thermal complex was opened in 2012 and became extremely popular among both Ukrainians and foreigners.

In this publication we will tell you about the Ukrainian health and recreation thermal complex “Kosyno”, about the details of the stay there, why it attracts more and more visitors and a lot of interesting facts about this unique place.

Thermal complex Kosyno is located in Ukraine, in the village of Koson, Zakarpattya region, 14 km (about 9 miles)  from Mukachevo and 50 km (about 30 miles) from Uzhgorod.

The Kosyno complex is situated on a plume of mineral thermal waters that pass through the territory of such European countries as France, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and the Balkan Peninsula.

The healing water of the resort rises from one of the three currently operating wells in Zakarpattya region called 16 T. Back in the 80s of the 20th century, Soviet geologists accidentally discovered it while searching for oil fields. A hot geyser of thermal water comes from a 1190 m – deep (3 904 feet) well underground into the thermal pool with a temperature of 40-45 ° C (104-113 F).

The Kosyno thermal water has a general health-improving effect to the whole body.

How to get to Kosino?

You can come by train to Mukachevo, take a taxi there or take a regular bus Mukachevo-Beregovo with a change on a bus in Beregovo in the direction of Koson.

We have already been in Kosyno several times, once we came here by bus (as part of a tourist excursion group), other times we came here by car.

By the way, there is a large parking lot in front of the entrance to the complex.

Entrance tickets can be purchased at the complex. You don’t need to buy them in advance.

There are tickets for 3 hours (about $ 15) and an unlimited stay (about $ 30).

As for us, a few hours were absolutely enough.

There are changing cabins, showers and lockers in the thermal complex building.

To visit the complex, you need to have a bathing suit, rubber slippers, and a towel with you. Children under 130 cm are allowed in the pools only in arm floaties. If you don’t have it, all of these items can be purchased in the building of the complex.

Pools of the complex

The complex has the following swimming pools:

The emerald pool is the main pool and it is connected to the hotel (so guests at the hotel of the complex can go out of their room to the pool in the robe). This pool has hydromassage areas for the back and legs, underwater aero massage and hydropods. Pool depth: 90 cm (3 feet). Water temperature +38 ° С (100 F).

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, UkrainePools “Yin-Yang” – pools with contrasting water (in one of them – water with a temperature of + 34 ° C (93 F), and + 7 ° C (45 F) in another). Being in these pools helps to normalize blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, UkraineThe Kneipp bath “17 steps of health” is a bath with variable action of hot thermal water (with a temperature of +38 ° C/100 F) and cold fresh water (with a temperature of + 10 ° C/50 F). A walk in these pools helps to activate blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Small stones are built into the bottom of the pool, and are made for foot massage.

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine
Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

“Golden faucet of health“ Kosyno ” is a complex of thermal pools with a fountain-illusion of a golden faucet in the centre. There are also two zones of hydromassage, water rides “fast river” and “quiet river” in the middle of the pool. 4 jacuzzi bowls in the form of traditional Zakarpatyan drinks (beer, wine, coffee and palinka – Hungarian fruit vodka). Pool depth: 130 cm (about 4 feet), temperature: +34 ° С/93 F.

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, UkraineKosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, UkraineKosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, UkraineKosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

The “H2O” pool is shaped like a water molecule (H2O). The pool has an aqua bar with the longest bar counter in Ukraine. Pool depth: 120 cm/about 4 feet.

Children’s pool with a slide – a large octopus. There is a thermal fountain at the top of the hill. The depth of this pool is 40 cm/about 1 feet, and the temperature is +31 ° С/88 F.

The pools are illuminated after the sunset.

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

The thermal pools are comfortable to swim in any weather. Some come here to celebrate the New Year. Just imagine, snow, frost all around, and you, relaxing in a warm pool outdoors. Agree, it looks impressive. By the way, there are Sinyak and Polyana ski resorts nearby for those who like skiing.

Royal saunas (like eucalyptus, herbal, Roman, Hungarian, hamam), a massage room, and a gym are also in the thermal complex for the visitors.

In the summertime, a water park operates in the complex.

There are several restaurants and bars on the territory of Kosyno thermal complex. And also the Iváncsó Birtok hotel. The cost of the stay here starts from USD 200 per room per night. The price includes bathing in thermal pools and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Less expensive accommodation options can be found in villages nearby (these can be different small estates, mini-hotels).

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

Kosyno thermal baths, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

Combining the stay in the thermal complex, you can also visit the Mukachevo and Uzhgorod castles, walk along amazing towns of Mukachevo and Uzhgorod, visit the Deer farm (in the Khust district), Saint Miklos Castle (in the Mukachevo district), the Templar Castle (in the Uzhgorod district).

We have visited many European thermal baths (in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany) and we can say that the Kosyno thermal complex is one of the best we have ever visited and is well compeatable with the foreign ones. We admire it so much and would like to come here again and again.

A visit to Kosyno can be a weekend getaway or it can also be part of a large tourist route through the Carpathians in combination with other places nearby that we mentioned earlier.

Author (c): Iryna Melnyk
Photos (c): Nick Melnyk

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